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Friday, September 23, 2011

Learning to Tile at the Do-It-Herself Workshops

With the kitchen remodel we quickly realized that it was going to be necessary to retile the backsplash.  I won't torture you with more awful pictures of the tile our home came with (unless you are really curious!).  Of course we don't have a clue when it comes to tiling.  Up til now my solution has simply to cover up the tiles I don't like (that will have to be a future post!).

 Last night I took advantage of series of classes by Home Depot called the Do-It-Herself Workshop.  They offer a variety of classes such as Cabinets, Flooring, Garden, Room Inspiration, Martha Stewart Living, Bathrooms, buying countertops, installing crown moulding, and Tiling.
photo courtesy of Home Depot
Honestly the timing couldn't be more perfect.  I have the old backsplash ripped off (OK... there might be just a couple of gaping holes a little damage that still needs to be repaired) and the new countertop is going in this week {squeal}. I can't wait!

I wasn't sure what to expect walking in to it, but it there were more people than I expected- about 20 women and two men.  The instructor wasn't up to par I would say.  I found myself wishing that his "assistants" would just step in and teach the class since they seemed to be much more knowledgable about the actual process of laying tile.

I got plenty of time to berate them with questions, as did the others in the class that were interested in their specific project (bathrooms, floors, backsplash).  Overall I did walk out of the class feeling more comfortable working with mastic and grout.  I know what types of materials I will need to install tile, the different types of tiles available and what type of grout to use with each.  I also got some hands on time cutting tile and grouting.

I was pretty excited to hear about a "newer" product that is available, called Simple Mat.

Rumor has it that this sweet stuff can take the place of the mastic, or adhesive.  This $20 box covers about 100 square feet, and although it is more expensive than putting the adhesive down it's not messy at all and seems like it would be a lot easier.  Basically you peel and stick these adhesive sheets to your backsplash (or bathroom wall), pop your tiles on and then grout away.  I'm super excited to give these a try!

After class I snuck across the street to Lowe's to snap some pictures of the tile backsplash I want to install.  So far it's the only one that I have found that I think I'm comfortable with.  There are a lot of options out there but I'm' having a tough time coming up with the best fit for our "cottage" kitchen.  

This style uses the most affordable 4"x4" white tiles.  Works for me!  
See how the tiles are staggered on the upper part? I like that! 

My only change might be to use glass tiles as the accent strips.  I'll look for a java color that will work with my countertop.  

All in all, the class was pretty good... but I still feel like I have a long way to go.  The most intimidating part now is laying out the pattern.  

For now though I will try and get those cabinets finished before the countertop comes (Wednesday!!) .


  1. Wow, you are learning to lay tile? I helped my ex husband with hardwood floors one time and that will be the last! Too much pressure!I am here from the blog hop and now a new follower thru Facebook and RSS Reader. I would love a follow back on both of those also when you get a chance. Thanks so very much and have a great weekend.


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