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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Removing your Sink {DIY}

 Within 24 hours I will have a new countertop, for which, I can't tell you how excited I am!  So... to avoid paying the installers $800 we will remove the sink and old countertop ourselves.

 Here's the step by step if you ever find yourself in the position of pulling out your sink.
(I warn you... there are no pretty pictures here!)

First things first: gather your tools.  Pliers, a flat head and phillips screwdriver or driver attachments, garbage disposal key, utility knife, and small pry bar.  The garbage disposal key should be near your garbage disposal or wherever you might keep your important manuals.  Ours was in a drawer next to the sink.  It's a good idea to actually use some gorilla or duct tape and keep it affixed to the disposal.  

 Clear out the underneath of your sink cabinet as well as the top of your sink area.  No need to remove cabinet doors, mine are just off because we are in the process of painting them. Unplug or shut of the power to the garbage disposal.

Find your water shut off valves under the sink.  There should be a hot and a cold knob. Turn clockwise (righty tighty) to stop water flow to faucet.

Turn on faucet to verify that the water is really off.

Using your pliers disconnect the water supply line from the water pipe. 

Unscrew the plasic ring to disconnect the drain pipe from the garbage disposal.

Using a flat head screw driver loosen the screws holding the clamps for the connection to the dishwasher.  Remove this tube from the garbage disposal. {ewww!}

Using the garbage disposal key, place it into the horizontal hole and give a strong pull. Be sure to support the disposal with your other hand as will simply fall out of the support ring.  Set the disposal in the bottom of the cabinet until you are ready to reinstall.

Loosen the plastic ring to disconnect the drain tube from the "non-disposal" side of your sink.

Using a utility knife cut the silicone adhesive that is adhering the sink to the countertop.

Most sinks have clamps holding them tight to the countertop.  Locate these clamps, loosen the screws and remove the clamps.  My double sided sink had six clamps.

I was by myself while removing the sink so I found it helpful to lay inside the cabinet and push upwards on the bottom of the sink to pop it loose from the countertop.  You can also use a crow bar to help loosen from above. Once it popped loose I was able to (stand up) grab hold of the faucet and carefully lift the sink out of the hole.  Place the sink on an old towel until you are ready to reinstall (if that is what you plan to do).  Otherwise consider dropping it off at your local ReStore for someone else to use.  I also noticed that my sink had a recycle symbol on the bottom noting that it was safe to recycle.  Never would've thought of that.  

Here we go! Ready to remove the old countertop.  Tommorow night I'll be reinstalling the sink : )

Can't wait to see my kitchen transform.  The cabinets are coming along, new flooring in the future, and countertops tomorrow!

Ready to Reinstall?? Go here for the DIY!

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  1. Wow, great tutorial! Also, I can't wait to see the new counter top installed.


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