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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From Dysfunctional to Functional {DIY}

Although we are still finishing up the last of the work in the bathroom we are already starting work in the kitchen.  My dad is out for a visit which means it's time to make the Kitchen Magic happen.  I'm lucky enough to have a dad that completely overhauls kitchens for a living.  Lucky for me since my kitchen needs a serious makeover! We're working with gray walls, gray vinyl sheet flooring, and an undetermined color of countertops.  To highlight all this we have beeeeautiful oak cabinetry.  Lovely!  There are grand plans in the making but here is what we accomplished in a mere three hours.

Ok, so obviously we are a long way from finished.  But we did rip out the old desk unit, remove the countertop, take down the tile, began wall repair, and installed new cabinetry.  Luckily with my dad here I had the guts to tackle this project.

The first thing we did was go to a cabinet outlet place and purchase two cabinet units that totaled the approximate size that I needed to go in that area.  The long term plan is to paint the cabinets so I didn't need to worry about the finish color.  We just needed to look at the overall cabinet style.

Now it was time for demo!

Remove your drawers and unscrew all visible screws.

Using a utility knife cut any caulk or sealant around the base of the cabinet  and  along the countertop.

Now the fun begins! Use a crow bar and start ripping off trim  pieces that are holding the cabinet in.

It might take a lot of muscle, but begin to yank the cabinet away from the wall.

Now it's time to demo that awful tile.  Honestly the neutral tile wasn't THAT bad, but the irridescent "accent" tile HAD to go!  Once we decided to raise the counter height there was no question that the backsplash had to be removed.
Using a hammer crack the tiles in several places.  Then using a  Bent Scraper  and a small crow bar  remove the tiles. Keep the scraper flush with the wall and tap it with a hammer, then gently pry from the wall. 

It's a 50/50 chance you're going to do serious damage to your wall when you remove your tile.  Using a putty knife begin to layer on Joint Compound to fill in the damage.  This may take several coats just to make it level!

So demo is done!  We'll worry more about the backsplash next week.  Right now we just want to focus on getting the cabinets installed.
The most important joint is where the cabinets line up  in front.  This needs to be completely flat with no gaps.  Screw the two cabinets together.

Make sure your cabinet is level  and then attach it to the wall using screws.  Make sure  you screw into the studs!  You can use thin pieces of 1/8" shim to prop up any of the four corners of your cabinet to make it level.

So, voila! I have now expanded the workable space in my kitchen!  I'm excited to get my drawers and cabinets organized and finally move my silverware out of the pantry! The new countertop is on order and plans are being made for the backsplash!

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