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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Made some Momma Birds

Thanks to Larissa over at mmmcrafts I recently added a new pin to my Crafty Ideas board on Pinterest. She offers a free downloadable template of this-

Make a Momma Bird (or two)

Ah! So cute!  I didn't know where or when I would find the time to play around with this but I had to at least pin it.  So... when my poor mother in law had some minor surgery we thought it would be the perfect time to put the kids to work making her some cards.

We hauled out the scrap paper box, printed the easy template, and I got busy tracing.  Keep in mind I let the kids do all the cutting and gluing. They also had full creative license over the choice of paper... so ours differ a bit from Larissa's!  But the mother in law loved them and the kids had a great time!

My daughter wanted to add some ribbon embelishment
for "grass".

Even my sons got into making them!

We just let the kids use a Sharpie to add the eyes and beaks
to keep it simple : )

And here's her finished card.  

I wish I'd gotten a picture of all three completed cards.  It was very cute when the kids added hearts and stars to scene. I was so glad to find something that was easy to do, fun for the kids, and looked adorable when it was finished.  And best of all I didn't feel like pulling my hair out trying to complete this craft with four kids!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words and the linkage! I'm so glad the kids had fun with it. Love their innovations!

  2. Hey, it deleted my comment! :(

    Anyway, I said it was a cute project!

  3. Sorry doodler! Not sure why it did that! Thanks for the comment love!

  4. Cute! I love owls, will check the templates out. I'm a new liker of your FB page. I saw you at Craftomaniac.


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