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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whimsy Studios brightening my day...

Well, as you might have seen on my Facebook page... my laptop completely crashed.  Almost two years of pictures are currently trapped somewhere on my corrupted hard drive.  Lesson learned... back up your pictures.  Once again, one of those lessons I fail to learn until the worst happens.  
So meanwhile I'm left to blog without photos.  I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you some incredibly cute prints from Whimsy Studios.  Lori is a mom and illustrator.  She blogs over at Fresh Picked Whimsy.  I just love her paintings! I started looking through her Etsy Shop and found so many great pieces that would be great at my house~

I can see this one in my bathroom (you know... where it's all sunshine and beachy)...

 And this would be adorable in our Master Bedroom...

I think this one is perfect for our entryway... 

(anyone who has been to our house knows we truly run a circus here!)


And when going gets rough it's nice to remind yourself that sometimes you just have to suck it up...

 A little cuteness always makes your day brighter : )


  1. That sucks about your laptop! I need to backup my pictures!

    Those are such cute prints! They would definitely look good on my gallery wall.

  2. oh noooooooooo! so sorry to hear about your computer. have you checked with best buy? they have that geek squad. when our basement flooded with a foot of water (our water main broke), our computer was lost. for about $100, they can extract as much as possible off of your hard drive. it's kind of pricey, but definitely worth it. as far as whimsy studios... so weird. i was just at this etsy store the other day and emailed her a question. the awesome part? not only is her art adorable, she's super nice!! have a great day! (sorry for the novel)


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